Sinners Club


Performance of many forms; or rather a recording session made into a theatre. Sinners Club does not only draw the audience right into an album recording but also to stories that are narrated through the songs and the lead singer/actress. Although theatre is a form of art the Sinners Club could be more considered as a form of performance art and should probably be differentiated from traditional theatre.

Written by Lucy Rivers, directed by Titas Halder and co-produced by The Other Room, Gagglebabble and Theatr Clwyd the Sinners Club was open to see in The Other Room between 7th and 24th of February. I took part in ushering this show on the 16th of February.

We could say that it’s a story about a story. We, as an audience, are taking part of an album recording of the band the Bad Mothers. But it’s not only that. The original and very well performed songs are inspired by the life of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in the UK. It tells us the story of a woman’s life dictated by men. And more importantly, it shows us the difficult life of a female musical artist.

All the stories are being tied together to create a phenomenal experience. They are stories about sins and how easy it is to fall into the dark side of the world. These stories are passed on us through the element of music which is without doubt the strongest element of the performance.

Furthermore, all this is being presented by the extraordinary performance of Lucy Rivers. Her interaction with the audience is somewhat provocative and attractive at the same time. She’s not afraid to use the audience as another part of the story. This particular element gives an exceptional experience to the audience and it’s also thanks to the small and friendly space of the Other Room that this was possible. The space is set literally as a recording studio with all the musical instruments around the room and the recording booth. It makes me wonder how this piece of performance would work in more open and less intimate space.

The space of the Other Room simply gives us the feeling of intimacy and we feel as if we actually were sitting in a small sinners club hiding our secrets from the outside world. The atmosphere of that is excellently underlined by the lights and short projections which we could see on the walls. We are simply being guided into this dark club full of crimes and sins by Lucy Rivers who is the dark muse of this underground world.


Sinners Club by Lucy Rivers (2017) Directed by Titas Halder [The Other Room, Cardiff. 16 February 2017]

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