R.U.R. by Karel Čapek

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The Far Side of the Moon


A one-man show full of many characters. The Far Side of the Moon is an extraordinary play written and directed by Robert Lepage and performed by Yves Jacques at the Welsh Millennium Centre on the 24th of March 2017.

The Far Side of the Moon is a story like any other. Two brothers, Phillipe and Andre, have just lost their mother but one being more successful than the other their relationship is not at its best. The story is not trying to be something that it’s not. It’s not trying to be something that would blow your mind. It’s a simple story about life. What makes it special, however, is the set design.

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Endgame by Samuel Beckett


Hamm  I’ll give you nothing more to eat.

Clov  Then we’ll die.

Hamm  I’ll give you just enough to keep you from dying.You’ll be hungry all the time.

Clov  Then we shan’t die.

The play itself could be summarised just in these few lines. The play doesn’t give anything the reader could feed on yet it gives a continuous flow of words that keeps the reader alive even though it makes you want to kill yourself.

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Art Right Are Human Rights by Kate Gilmore

“Human rights are under attack: freedoms taken for granted by those living in the world of relative privilege are undermined by governments intent on the pursuit of national security at the cost of human security,” states Gilmore in her article published in 2006 in The Drama Review. Her article discusses the constant fight for human rights through arts and its oppression.

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Karel Čapek: About his play


“I feel responsible for the question whether it is possible that machines will really take over humans by impoverishing them of the ability to create” is the opening sentence of Čapek’s article that was published in the newspaper Přítomnost (Presence) on 7 February 1929 and was again used in the theatre programme of production of R.U.R. in 1974 in the Theatre of South Bohemia.

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Sinners Club


Performance of many forms; or rather a recording session made into a theatre. Sinners Club does not only draw the audience right into an album recording but also to stories that are narrated through the songs and the lead singer/actress. Although theatre is a form of art the Sinners Club could be more considered as a form of performance art and should probably be differentiated from traditional theatre.

Written by Lucy Rivers, directed by Titas Halder and co-produced by The Other Room, Gagglebabble and Theatr Clwyd the Sinners Club was open to see in The Other Room between 7th and 24th of February. I took part in ushering this show on the 16th of February.

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